Patient Testimonials

"I have been treated at Richardson Spine and Sports Therapy for three different spine conditions. The staff has always been professional, personable, caring, patient, and always very helpful. I am very thankful for the healing help I have received at the center."


"The therapy I received has been the best I've experienced. I really appreciated the personal attention to my specific issues and the extra advice and training has been invaluable. The therapist did an outstanding job!"


"After 40 years of playing racquetball, I had to have shoulder surgery. Afterwards, when my shoulder became tight and painful, I thought my playing days were over. Joe said I would play again. He was right! I'm back playing two days a week and loving it. What a great therapist! Thanks Joe."


"I suffered for eight years with shoulder pain before having surgery. Luckily for me, my family doctor recommended Richardson Spine and Sports Therapy after surgery for rehabilitation. My therapist started working within two weeks after surgery and my range of motion improved so well even my surgeon was surprised and very please. My therapist has shown that his knowledge, training, and personal attention have enabled me to get back to normal living and doing tasks that I have not been able to do for years. Thank you."


"In just a few sessions, I was as good as new. The home exercises the therapist assigned were easy to do and maintain. Treatment was so good and corrected my problem so well that I got an early release. Thank you for such wonderful care and attention."


"Amazing difference! I was told surgery was the only way to cure a torn rotator cuff. Not wanting to do that, I asked for physical therapy, not sure if it would help. I cannot believe how much better my shoulder feels and how much more movement I have. I can blow dry my hair, rake leaves, and work in the yard - none of which I could do before physical therapy. My therapist, Jason, was very professional and caring. The staff is great!"