Why Choose Us

  • Our 45+ years of combined clinical experience
  • 2000+ hours of continuing education; advanced certifications and residency trained clinicians in orthopedics, manual therapy, dry needling, and strength/conditioning; our therapists hold 4 Doctorate and 2 Masters Degrees.
  • We have consistently demonstrated outcome measures above national standards ... by 25% or more! We have been the recipient of the clinical excellence award for exceeding the national guidelines of care, in all areas of outpatient orthopedics, for every quarter since first beginning to share our outcomes in the Spring of 2013. See our results below.

2015 FOTO Outcome Results:

  • The pictured graph represents outcomes that are 26% ABOVE the national standards of care for ALL orthopedic conditions when compared to other patients with similar conditions. This puts Richardson Spine and Sports Therapy in the top 13% of all clinics in the nation for treatment of orthopedic conditions for 2015.
  • Outcome performance by region:
  • Cervical/Neck: 47% above national standards
  • Shoulder: 27% above national standards
  • Hip: 47% above national standards
  • Knee: 25% above national standards
  • Foot/Ankle: 13% above national standards
  • Lumbar/Spine: 15% above national standards.